10 Reasons to redesign your Website in 2017

Currently  we are in the process of Redesigning our website crestlogix.com . The old site had been serving us just fine for the last 5 years. So why redesign it ? We had a brainstorming session with conflicting views as to why we would put resources towards an ‘in house’ project in these tough times. Finally we came up with 10 reasons why it made sense to redesign our website for 2017
  1. Speed Matters: User research ( surveys done by Akamai and Gomez.com) ,  has suggested that 3 seconds is the max time before users get fidgety (79 % abandon the site if it has not loaded by then. Read 6 Reasons why Website Speed Matters.
  2. Mobile Friendly:  Run Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. Google says that Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches IN 2015. Up from 29 percent in 2014. Moreover Google has started penalizing websites that are not ‘Mobile Friendly’. Download Google’s Webmasters Mobile  Guide.
  3. Simplicity : simplicityThe users now don’t have the inclination or the time to browse through a ‘busy site’. Single Page sites are all rage and minimalistic design is in vogue. Read Ben Hunt’s Save the Pixel
  4. CTA is a must: The ultimate aim of having a user come to a page is Conversion. An easy and Visible Call to Action button is a must.Location is critical. Assess the conversions for your current CTA’s. Go through this Blog to read more on Call To Action –  Best Practices.
  5. Content is King: Content makes your brand an authority. Content connects you to your customers because your content is specifically  tailored to their needs. It gives your content a personality. Read this for 5 reasons why content marketing is important.UX-and-SEO-Eric
  6. SEO is constantly changing: It is estimated, Google alone makes 500 to 600 SE algorithm changes every year. It is good to tweak your website at least for the major updates. At least once a year.
  7. People relate to People: In this age of social media and technology, we sometimes forget that People Gel with People the most. Sites that have prominent ‘About Us’, ‘Testimonials’, ‘Client Speak’, ‘Case Study’, ‘Contact us’  Pages perform better.
  8. User Experience is CriticalRand Fishkin
  9. Your Products and Services may have changed: Redesigning the site may simply be required because your products and services may have changed, you may have added a new product line, dropped some non performing assets, tweaked your subscription plans or come out with new versions of your products.
  10.  Location centric: Google says that Near Me searches doubled in 2015. ‘Near Me’ poses quite a few challenges for Multi Location businesses. Specific strategy has to be adopted for each location. Make sure that NAP is displayed prominently, Have different pages for each location. Try to have mentions, links and reviews for each location page. Have a Google My Business Listing for each location. Read Google Business help on improving your location ranking on Google..

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