Emotions: the Center Piece of CX


You have done everything right by the customer


Given your best service


Solved all their problems


But still the Customer is not ‘Happy’ with you.

Sounds Familiar ? Are you missing something ? Well yes you could be. The Key word is ‘HAPPY’ which is an emotion. Have you made sure that the customer is emotionally engaged with you ?

BTW if you are still in doubt that Customer experience is key to your Brand Value, read our post on why you can not ignore CX

It so happens that when we solve a problem for a customer, we are engaging with her on a particular touch point. But what about the complete journey. Each Customer is Unique, Each Journey is unique and a lot of time our ‘Rational’ Strategies do not work uniformly.

Customer experience is an album and each Customer is a different song with its own pitch and tempo and EMOTION. We need to listen to each song carefully and understand its nuances.

In a recent Forrester blog and podcast, analyst Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian outlines “Do you know how your customers feel about their experiences with your firm? Customers’ emotions can damage — or improve — customers’ perception of the overall experience and your firm’s ability to grow.

Customers’ emotions affect whether you’ll lose or keep them, whether they will buy more or less from you, and whether they will spread good or bad word of mouth about your company.”

So let us define why Emotions are important: There is really only one reason

Emotions Drive Loyalty…or lack thereof. Positive emotions enhance retention, higher purchase value and a word of mouth that leads other customers to your brand.

On the contrary Negative Emotions will drive Customers away from your brand, Lead them to Bad mouth and dissuade other potential customers to buy from you and move over to your competition.

“Because these emotions last longer, they are, therefore, likely to have a bigger impact and be more likely to be remembered than those associated with wowing or delighting customers.”

Which Positive emotions should we as business people be gunning for :

Pleasant Surprise Happiness  Gratitude
pleasant-surprise happiness gratitude
Being Touched

And which ones are to be avoided:

Anger Frustration Disappointment
anger frustration disppointment

Above all we have to get out of the our mold of Internal Business Strategy and get into the shoes of the Customer.

How do we Measure emotion. Now that is the Topic of another Blog. Keep reading. Cheerio !

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