Do Software Developers need Soft Skills Part-2

1 ). Ability to work in a team

Beautiful software is almost always build by great teams rather than by an individual’s effort. Software of any meaningful size needs collaborative effort. After a point all software will grow beyond where it needs a team.

Teamwork is one of the most important if not THE most important soft skill needed by software developers. No great team company will hire you if you are short on Team skills. Great Team brings psychological safety .You will not be ridiculed or laughed at when you speak up …Even if you are wrong.

Team Work also teaches us Empathy. You will not be allowed into the best teams if you are low on empathy skills.

Everybody has a role in the team. You don’t want to be holding the team back.


2 ). Quotes on Team Work

 “There is No. I in team but there is in WIN”.   Michael Jordan


 “We must all Hang together or Most assuredly we shall hang separately”. Ben Franklin


“None of us is as smart as all of us”.  Ken Blauchard


“Teams share the burden and divide the grief”: Doug Smith


“It is amazing how much you can achieve, when it does not matter who gets the credit”. H.S. Truewan 33rd President of USA


“The whole is greater than the Some of the parts”. kurt Kofflka, German  Psychologist



Why Software Developers need to be a Good Team Player

  • Because almost all beautiful software are built by great teams rather than by individuals.


  • After a point all software grow beyond the point where it needs a team.


  • Team bring Psychological Safety. One can take risks AND be wrong without being ridiculed.


  • Teamwork brings early feedback and improves the output quality.


  • Working Alone reduces learning.


  • Working in a Team insulates your product from the ‘Bus’ factor Somebody leaves the company, somebody joins the company, somebody is sick, somebody is late coming in, somebody goes on maternity leave…….. Reduces the risk factor. The project goes on.


  • Working in a team increases accountability: Peer Pressure ensures that you put your best foot forward. You don’t want to let down people whom you respect and whose respect you desire.


  • Slower project Moments if working alone reduces Morale. A Single ‘Stall’ halts the project.


  • The lows of a project are more demoralizing when working alone. Sharing boosts Morale. Highs of a project are more motivating when working in a Team. Source: 

    Watch out this space for the third soft skill needed by software developers. Till then cheerio.

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